Candle and Warmer Fundraiser Opportunity from Pink Zebra

 Are you, your school, church, team, or organization looking for an extra way to earn money? If so, Pink Zebra has a unique and one-of-a-kind fundraiser to help! By creating a profitable home fragrance collection, Pink Zebra lends a helpful hand to organizations nation-wide. It's a fundraiser that not only smells good, but makes you feel good!

Pink Zebra's core product is Sprinkles and they are unique to the fundraising market. They allow your customers to purchase a favorite fragrance or purchase multiple fragrances and our candles or simmer pots to create their own D.I.Y. personal fragrance. Our products are made in America and are responsible, renewable, and sustainable.

What Organizations Can Earn

Pink Zebra Fundraiser Earnings

Want An Information Packet?

Simply fill out a contact form and I'll be happy to mail you or your organization a fundraiser application, brochure, and a sample of Pink Zebra's Sprinkles!