What's The Scoop with Soy Candles?

Soy Candles

So you have heard of Pink Zebra Sprinkles! Did you know that you can create custom soy candles? It's true!!! Our wax is made from a Soft Soy combination that is a family kept secret! We don't want competitors finding out why our soy wax smells the best now do we? I will share though my knowledge on our soy wax and how you can either use the Sprinkles for your own candle or in a warmer! First and foremost, our soy wax comes from Indiana and is produced in our distribution center located in Berea, Kentucky. We do have a second distribution center that Pink Zebra Home purchased in Houston which is also where our corporate office is now located! Anyway, what makes our soy wax most special is that it is made and produced in the U.S! There is nothing better than knowing you are buying and using American made products! 

The next important point to note about our soy wax is that it is tested in our labs to ensure each fragrance passes our scent throw test! The scents are placed in a 20x20 foot room for 3 days and then they are uv light and heat stability tested to ensure our wax melts at the perfect temperature for both candles and warmers! For safety and environmental concerns, our soy wax does not contain phthalates and meets all IFRA and HMIS health approved ingredients! Oh and in case you are worried, our Sprinkles are gluten and toxic free for animals and kids! Don't eat them, just heat them folks!

Finally, what I think makes our soy wax the most special is it's versatility! Can you break wax cubes into small enough pieces to create custom recipes? Uhhh, that'd take a lot of cubes, time, and you'd be making a mess! Pink Zebra's Sprinkles allow you to layer, mix, and melt! SO EZPZ as we call it! If you're thinking that candles aren't safe or you just don't burn them, no problem! Pink Zebra's Sprinkles can also be used in wickless candles and warmers too! We have such a variety, it's just easy to see why Pink Zebra's products are the BEST!!!

If you're thinking about trying out soy candles or warmers then contact me today! I'll be happy to send you a current catalog with samples and information! I look forward to "sprinkling" you with Pink Zebra!!!