Pink Zebra Celebrating 5 years!

Pink Zebra Celebrates 5 Years!

This September, Pink Zebra will be celebrating as a direct sales company of 5 years! I cannot believe how fast we have grown and progressed! As a consultant and Director, I have been with Pink Zebra since February 2013. So approximately 3 1/2 years. My only regret was I wish I had joined Pink Zebra earlier! I had first searched online for ground-floor home fragrance opportunities in the winter of 2012. I had seen Pink Zebra's website pull up and I feared what most people do when considering a business investment; will this work out? Well, for me I wanted to know exactly what I was getting myself into before enrolling, so I waited until after I resigned from Scentsy in January to inquire about Pink Zebra.

As I smelled the fragrance samples I had been given, I knew immediately my heart said to jump in and get on board. Yes, I was scared, nervous, anxious, and wondering how in the world this would pan out. Never did I imagine that I would become one of the top leaders in the company. NEVER! How does that happen? First, I knew I needed to reach people not just locally but nationally. My gut instinct also told me that I needed to let go of all my fears. That meant no more fear of rejection and failure. I also knew that if I wanted to become successful, I better start believing in myself! Self-confidence is HUGE with this or any direct sales business! You have to believe in what you are selling 100% and I firmly trust what Pink Zebra is doing for us as consultants.

Giving back has been a huge part of what I love doing with Pink Zebra. Seeing people's lives change either through a promotion, helping organizations raise extra money, or watching a family who was once working paycheck to paycheck now able to pay for all their utility bills, mortgage, and go on vacations makes this business worth while! My love for Pink Zebra grows because we are all a close family business. Once you get to know Pink Zebra, you'll see why we are different and how the passion for the products we sell is just part of what makes us unique and incredible!

If you are thinking should I invest this time and commitment to Pink Zebra, then I can say you're already on the right path! I never knew what Pink Zebra could do until I said yes and seized the opportunity. You'll get the attention, commitment, and most of all fun when you join Pink Zebra! How many jobs do you know of that you can say you love? I've found my passion, my purpose, and most of all the best "job" in the world any gal could ask for as a stay at home mom and military spouse! Contact me today and let's help you get started on a path to success, freedom, support, and a FUN business!!!