New Year, New Opportunities!

Pink Zebra has provided so many possibilities and opportunities for their consultants! Seeing how the lives of others are changed by selling home fragrances is why I am proud to be a consultant for Pink Zebra. Having no success in Direct Sales prior to Pink Zebra, I had to focus on how I saw other people in different companies succeed. What was their secret to success? How long did it take them to reach their goals within the company? As I look back on almost 3 years with Pink Zebra, I can tell you that if I had not asked those questions then I would not be where I am today! What I saw most from other successful leaders was their commitment. That has to be the #1 biggest struggle with any job or career. If you aren't consistent, not committed to promoting or doing better, you will wake up in the same position as you were when you first started. You have to focus on staying active! For my Pink Zebra business, that meant sharing the business opportunity every day! Whether I post on social media, pass out samples, mail information, or do follow-up phone calls I wanted to see how far Pink Zebra could take my business. When one door closed, I didn't let rejection stop me. I simply went on to the next person until someone said, "Yes!" You have to really be devoted and passionate with what you are selling. I LOVE and live for home fragrances, so I knew this is where I wanted to work.

You may wonder how long it took for me to become a Director with Pink Zebra or how long it took other leaders to reach their goals. All of us have one thing in common; persistence. You will find that we are each different in our own ways. I cannot say enough though how honored and privileged I am to work with such amazing people! We truly are like a family! I didn't really have a set "timeline" of when I wanted to promote. I knew that I had to work in small steps towards my long-term goal. Each promotion with Pink Zebra built a stronger trust and devotion that I had with the company. It was one step closer to my long-term goal, so as long as I kept going I knew I would make it. Being a leader has been a huge component to my success because without leading by example, my team would ultimately suffer. I have taken classes on leadership many times and I can tell you that what works for one person may not work for someone else. I treat each team member differently based on their needs and goals. I have some on my team who are here because they love the products! That's awesome!!! I also have some who are here because they want to make this a full-time career. This is where I personally want to be as well!

In order to invest full-time into Pink Zebra, you must be willing to recruit people on your team. That has been my #1 success with Pink Zebra as we continue to grow. As with many Direct Sales companies, you will have a career plan that shows each title that you can achieve in the company. We truly have one of the best career and compensation plans in the industry. If we did not have an excellent career plan, I am not sure if I'd be where I am today. Yes, I have monthly goals I set for sales and parties. However, not every month's the same so I make most of my income from team sales as a whole. I have said so many times that anyone can truly do this and have the full-time, stay-at-home job that they dream of if they understand the career plan. You can read information all day long, but until you grasp why recruiting and building a team is important you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity!

My hope for this year is that you will consider this AMAZING opportunity that Pink Zebra has set before you. Think about what you want out of the business and consider what I said about building a strong team and foundation. I knew that if I started strong with not only sales but recruiting that it would make a huge experience compared to my last two journeys in Direct Sales. If you want to talk more about Pink Zebra and how it can change your life and others around you, feel free to Contact Me and I'll be glad to discuss this life-changing business opportunity with you!