Join Pink Zebra

Join Pink Zebra

Ready to join Pink Zebra? Let me be the first to welcome you to our family filled with amazing products and life-changing stories! If you have questions or would like to know more beforehand, feel free to contact me.

How To Enroll:

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose from the standard or deluxe kit and complete the enrollment process.
  3. Upon completion, you should receive a welcome e-mail from Pink Zebra!

What Comes in My Consultant Kit?

Here is what comes in both the Standard and Deluxe kits:

Standard Kit: $99.00 plus shipping/tax

Pink Zebra Starter Kit

Your standard kit contains: All fragrance samplers, 1-Simmering Light, 1-Simmering Lights Shade,  1-3.75 oz. Soaks, 1 Just Add Soaks-Lotion, 1- Just Add Soaks- Go Cards, 1 Just Add Soaks - Woolie, 1 -Just Add Soaks Jewelry, 1 - Just Add Soaks -  Naked Reeds,  2-3.75 oz. Jars of Sprinkles, 1-16oz. Carton of Sprinkles, 1-Glimmer Candle Kit (petites), 1- Party On The Go Bag, 1- Just Add Soaks Keychain 1-25 Pack of Order Form, 1-10 Pack of Quick Start Brochures, 1-10 Pack of Opportunity Brochures, 1- Fundraiser Brochure and 1-25 Pack of Catalogs.

Deluxe Kit: $199.00 plus shipping/tax

Pink Zebra Deluxe Starter Kit

Your Deluxe kit contains: All fragrance samplers, 1-Simmering Light, 2-Simmering Lights Shades,1 Simmer Pot,  2-3.75 oz. Soaks, 1 Just Add Soaks-Lotion, 1 Just Add Soaks - Woolie, 1- Just Add Soaks Jewelry,1- Just Add Soaks Naked Reeds,1- pack Go-Cards, 1- Just Add Soaks Keychain 5-3.75 oz. Jars of Sprinkles, 1-16oz. Carton of Sprinkles, 1-Glimmer Candle Kit (petites), 1- Party On The Go Bag, 1- Burlap Tablecloth,,1 Pink Table Runner,  1-25 Pack of Order Form, 1-10 Pack of Quick Start Brochures, 1-10 Pack of Opportunity Brochures, 1- Fundraiser Brochure, and 1- 25 pk of Catalogs. 

Are There Incentives For New Consultants?

Yes! We offer a Quick Start Incentive Program for new consultants during their first 30-90 days! You can earn FREE products for selling, sponsoring new team members, and for becoming a leader in the company!

Pink Zebra Quick Start Incentives

How Much Commission Can Consultants Earn?

Pink Zebra has one of the most generous compensation plans in Direct Sales! We offer all consultants 25% commission plus bonuses up to 35% based on your monthly sales! We also offer sponsoring and leadership bonuses which will help your income grow FAST! This is why it's not only important to sell, but also sponsor new consultants and build a team!

Why Should I Join Your Team?

My team strives from individuality and uniqueness! We are different because we share our different areas of strength and help one another regardless of your rank or level.
We encourage and respect your personal lives! Although we LOVE what we do at Pink Zebra, we respect your privacy and do not expect you to give up time with family or friends.
My team is NOT local! We are from all across the United States and have been very successful with our businesses! In other words, you don’t have to “know” or be “located” near a person to sign up with a great team!
We value your opinions and self-worth. As a team member, we want you to voice your thoughts, concerns, and feel valued as an individual!

Join My Pink Zebra Team

Leadership Qualities
We offer monthly team calls about how to improve your leadership skills and spend time answering questions.
My team has an outstanding track record of sales, recruiting, and promotions.
Our purpose as a leader is to be your sponsor, not your dictator. We will assist, mentor, but not ridicule or demand!
My team is more concerned about YOU. We focus on helping you reach your personal goals!

We do NOT force, pressure, or try to change anyone’s priorities with their Pink Zebra business!
My team has Facebook groups for new recruits, business discussions, interested or potential recruits, and more!
Our time and priorities are to help you whether it be by phone, e-mail, or in person.
We want you to feel welcomed and know you’re not alone. We stick by you through thick and thin!

Team Growth
Our goal is to help you promote and become the best leader you want to be with Pink Zebra!
We want you to grow professionally by selling AND recruiting!
My team has over 3,700 consultants and still growing!
We’re among the top leaders, sellers, and recruiters in the country!

It is my hope that you will consider joining Pink Zebra and our team! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!