Host A Pink Zebra Party

Want to host a Pink Zebra party? Don't worry! Hosting a Pink Zebra party is EZPZ! As a consultant, I will be there to help you do the following:

  • Choose a date
  • Theme it, it's more fun!
  • Invite your guests
  • Host the party

If for some reason your friends can't come, they can shop online and you also get the credit!

Host a Pink Zebra Party!

Not sure what type of Pink Zebra party you want? We can do an in home party, catalog party on the go, or an online party via live video or Facebook! Check out and see our awesome host rewards:

Pink Zebra Host Rewards Chart

In addition to the free and half-off items, Pink Zebra also offers a host exclusive called a VIP gift set! The VIP box includes an exclusive scent of the month that comes in a 3.75 ounce jar of Sprinkles, a bottle of Soaks, a bottle of soap, a bottle of lotion, and special hostess Go-Cards! You can earn the VIP gift set by qualifying with the following party amounts:

$400+ party: Host price $30 (50% off)

$700+ party: Host price $15 (75% off)

$1000+ party: Host price FREE!

Here is an example of our VIP gift set:

Pink Zebra VIP Host Box

If you have any questions about hosting a Pink Zebra party, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you! I look forward to helping you earn some half-priced and free Pink Zebra goodies for you and your friends!

Warm Regards,

Erin Hughes

Director, Pink Zebra Independent Consultant