Fall in Love with Pink Zebra

Fall in Love with Pink Zebra

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own direct sales business and becoming successful at it? At first, I was very skeptical that a direct sales company like this existed. Not having the same experience with the last direct sales company I joined, it was very hard to believe or think otherwise. When I discovered Pink Zebra, I felt as if a fire had been ignited in my soul. I'm not sure if it was just the Sprinkles that inspired me to sell Pink Zebra. Deep down, I think it was my eagerness to jump on board with a direct sales company that had something different about it. All of the products were different when used with Sprinkles, so the versatility was attractive to me. Also, I think that part of the business side in me wanted a company that had flexibility for their consultants to run their own specials. Pink Zebra allows their consultants to do just that, so I felt this was already a HUGE advantage and opportunity for me. As with any big decision, I prayed about it and discussed this possibility with my husband. We honestly couldn't find any disadvantages to Pink Zebra because I was wanting a job at home while being pregnant and moving with the military.

Truth be told, to this day I believe God has had a hand in my Pink Zebra business. My husband is active duty Air Force and with his career, we move every two to three years. Since I was no longer teaching, I felt it was best for me to sell Pink Zebra since I wouldn't have to "resign" each time we moved to a new base. This is our third military move since I started selling Pink Zebra in February 2013. In each state that we've lived in thus far, my team has grown astronomically. It truly is amazing to think that this all began with me saying yes to the opportunity.

My question for you is this: If you could do have one job that truly made you happy, what would that job look like? Would it entail working at home? Having flexibile work hours so you can be with your children more often? Do you wish you could take a vacation anytime you want? How about a good medical insurance plan? There are many differing opinions on what makes the perfect job or career. Based on what I've told you, how would that feel if you could have all of those opportunities by saying yes to Pink Zebra? Pretty amazing I would imagine!

Not every person will click with me nor will each person who reads about Pink Zebra decide to join and that's okay! It's truly about what you want out of starting your own business and success! My life has been forever changed and seeing my team members promote and share their own stories of success has been rewarding and meaningful. All I have done from the moment I've joined is share the opportunity, have home parties, online parties, and represent the company at craft and vendor shows! Yes, it does take work but if you commit and be consistent with your goals you will find that anything is achievable with our company!

I'd love to talk with you more about Pink Zebra and this amazing business adventure! If you are considering it and want more information, simply contact me and I'll be glad to chat with you and mail you some samples, a catalog, and more! I look forward to welcoming you to the best home fragrance company in the industry!