2018 is Going to be HUGE!

Pink Zebra Opportunity

Have you ever thought about your journey, goals, and ambitions in life? Do you wish you had extra income, friendships, and a job that allowed you the flexibility and ease of creating your own schedule? Well, Pink Zebra has changed the lives of many consultants and this could be your opportunity to join us! We expanded in October 2017 to Canada, which is a HUGE ground-floor business and is beginning to grow fast! This year, my goals are to focus more on what counts! My family, Pink Zebra business, and continuing my education are just a few top goals that I would like to achieve. It has been a wonderful opportunity and can be for you as well.

Our fragrances have been starting a love affair from the beginning, which is no surprise! Sprinkles and Soaks allow any home, office, classroom, or living space to become what you feel, imagine, and dream! Not only are the fragrances long lasting and potent, you can create your own unique recipes! As with any direct sales, it requires passion, determination, and a goal to achieve your biggest dreams! If you think you would like more information, feel free to contact me today! I'll be happy to give you a call, text, e-mail, or send you more information! Now let's hop to it and make 2018 count!!!