Direct Sales Opportunity: Pink Zebra Incentive Trip to the Dominican Republic!!!

Don't you wish you could come with us? Then get started with a Direct Sales opportunity with Pink Zebra!!! Our 2014 Incentive trip is the Hard Rock Casino Resort in Punta Cana!!! I am so excited for this Direct Sales opportunity and hope you'll consider joining Pink Zebra so you can be a part of the excitement!!! I LOVE this company because even if you don't want or can't go on the trip, consultants who qualify can also receive an iPad or Kindle!!! My goal is to get the iPad woot woot!!! If you're wondering why you should join Pink Zebra, then I encourage you to fill out a Contact Form and we can chat! I think this Direct Sales opportunity is unique, ground-floor, and can help you make your dreams come true! They've certainly helped me and my team become successful!!! Having a Direct Sales Opportunity like Pink Zebra will allow you the flexibility to run your business your way, be your own boss, and not have to work when you don't have the time! As a sponsor, I am very supportive and have groups on Facebook, team call meetings, and email my down line with important information. I know the choice is not easy, but if you are looking for someone to give you a discount, your support will probably not be there after you join. Let me know if you have any questions about the incentive trip!!! It's going to be a blast and you can be there too if you sign up with Pink Zebra!!!