Scentsible Sprinkles

What are Pink Zebra Sprinkles?

I know some of you are probably or have been wondering, "What are Pink Zebra Sprinkles?" Well, Pink Zebra Sprinkles are soy wax chips that come in over 50 fragrances that you can use alone or mix together to use in both candles and warmers! They are a great gift idea and business opportunity if you're looking for a new career or a fun present for a teacher, colleague, or friend!

Pink Zebra Scent of the Month: Paisley's Pick

Finally, what a great way to offer a Scent of the Month to customers!!! I had mentioned this idea from the time I signed up as a consultant last year that I thought it would be a terrific idea for Pink Zebra to offer a Scent of the Month like Scentsy. For the first month, the Pink Zebra Scent of the Month will be Paisley's Punch!!!

Free Giveaways: Win a Simmer Pot and Jar of Sprinkles!!!

Who doesn't love giveaways? Well, guess what?!? It's that time!!! I'm so excited about free giveaways that I wanted to share it with you on my website! This is a current contest I am doing through my Facebook business page online. One lucky winner will receive a simmer pot and a jar of Sprinkles!!!

Pink Zebra Fragrance: Orange Blossom!

For the month of January, there wasn't really a Pink Zebra fragrance of the month. So, what Pink Zebra did was create a HOT FLASH!!! Want something fresh and brightening to any home or office? How about the Pink Zebra fragrance, Orange Blossom! Pink Zebra decided to share this limited and one-of-a-kind fragrance with you from their 2013 convention! I cannot express how much I LOVE Pink Zebra and the founders of our company, Tom and Kelly Gaines. I have personally met Tom and Kelly. They are kind, genuine, and very laid back individuals who are proud of their company and their consultants.

Success Can Be Yours with Pink Zebra!

Have you been thinking about becoming a Pink Zebra consultant? If so, I am offering a special during the month of January! If you  join my team this month, I will give you an additional $25 off either regular or deluxe kit! In addition, Pink Zebra is going to give you $50 in free product! Right now our system is down for maintenance, but will be back up and available on the 9th!

Consultant Kit Discount for January

For the month of January, Pink Zebra is offering a consultant kit discount for January where you get either the regular or deluxe kit for $25 off. In addition, Pink Zebra is also giving away $50 in free product for signing up and an extra $50 when you sell $500 your first 30 days!

Wanting to join Pink Zebra? You've come to the right place!!!

Wanting to join Pink Zebra? If you're thinking or wanting to become a Pink Zebra consultant, I encourage you to read my post because I am speaking from my heart. Whether you choose to join Pink Zebra under my team or not, it is important to find a consultant who has experience and success as a leader through the company.

January Fragrance of the Month

Hi everyone! In case this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! Pink Zebra's Sprinkles can be used in warmers and candles to fragrance your home! This month's fragrance of the month special is awesome!!! I highly encourage you to stock up and try some of these favorite scents if you are new to our products!!!

Wordless Wednesday Post

Happy New Year everyone!!! I know that 2013 has been wonderful and I cannot wait to see what my business will bring in 2014. To start the year, I thought it would be neat to try a Wordless Wednesday blog post. Instead of the traditional post about Pink Zebra, I wanted to include a Wordless Wednesday post that would allow you to interact with me.

Wow I see that there were 47 views of my blog yesterday...wahoo!!!! I am super excited I have some admirers out there and potential team members! Thank you thank you!!! I thought since my blog has been getting more exposure to start keeping my posts more current and up to date. Many of you probably wonder when looking for a Direct Sales company why you should join Pink Zebra.

Pink Zebra Phone Conference!

If you've thought about joining Pink Zebra but are not sure, then come tomorrow, December 16th, at 7:00PM EST and join me on a live phone conference! I will be there talking about Pink Zebra, sharing what a great business opportunity it can be for you, and explain more about our products! I don't like to pressure anyone, so no need to worry.

Pink Zebra Consultant Kit Incentive!

As promised, I have attached the Pink Zebra Consultant Kit incentive for December! From December 15th to December 31st, if you enroll as a Pink Zebra consultant during December you can receive either the regular or deluxe kit for $25 off! This is a great way to start your own business and take advantage of a discount!

Pink Zebra Opportunity!!!

Hi everyone!!! I hope your December is going well and you're getting ready for Christmas and New Years! I spent this weekend helping out a teammate at one of the malls in my area! It was fun introducing Pink Zebra to many customers and sharing the Pink Zebra opportunity to many people! I sold mixed jars, candles, and simmer pots for the holidays as well as booked 4 parties in 2014!

Pink Zebra Convention in Nashville!!!

Who is ready to join Pink Zebra and head to the Pink Zebra convention in Nashville? I AM!!! This will be Pink Zebra's 3rd annual convention or Family Reunion as we call them! I'm going to be attending the Pink Zebra convention as well as some of the consultants on my team! The Pink Zebra convention will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel on July 19th and 20th!