Scentsible Sprinkles

Pink Zebra Host Special for October-November

Whether angels remind you of the Christmas holiday or in memory of loved ones, our Christmas Angel Pink Zebra host special is a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays or remember those most precious to us! Our hostess exclusive bundle can be yours if you host a Pink Zebra party with me! To earn the Pink Zebra host special, you need to have a qualifying party of at least $400.00.

Pink Zebra Scent of the Month for October

OMG!!! Yes, the Pink Zebra scent of the month, Popcorn Ball, is AMAZING!!! Let me begin by saying, if you LOVE popcorn as much as I do, this will definitely make you want to dive into a barrel of kettle corn! I'm serious, this is for die hard popcorn fans and I cannot say enough that Pink Zebra nailed this one for October!

Pink Zebra Consultant Starter Kit for October!

Are you wanting to start your own Pink Zebra business and work your own hours? Now is a great time in October to get a Pink Zebra consultant starter kit! For this month, Pink Zebra is offering $25.00 off both kits! Plus, if you join my team I will give you a surprise gift valued at $25.00! It's FABULOUS!!!

Pink Zebra: Direct Sales Fundraising Program

Looking for a Direct Sales fundraising program that is unique? How about a Pink Zebra fundraiser? Many people have to donate all of their commission to a cause, but with Pink Zebra it's different and much nicer! See, as a consultant I only make 25% commission on sales. If you were to do a Pink Zebra fundraiser, you'd earn 40% of all sales! That's almost double what I make myself!

Red Currant Sprinkles: Paisley's Pick for September

This month, Pink Zebra has introduced Red Currant Sprinkles for Paisley's Pick in September! This is a perfect scent of the month for the fall! I have a jar and the best way to describe it is sweet berries with a hint of tartness and citrus. The Red Currant berries aren't quite as tart as cranberries, but the musk tones it down just right!

Anniversary Special: Join Pink Zebra in September!

Ready to join Pink Zebra and start your own business? This is by far the best consultant discount ever offered by the company in honor of Pink Zebra's third anniversary! What a fabulous time to join Pink Zebra!

Drive For Five: Pink Zebra Consultant Discount

Considering becoming a Pink Zebra Consultant? I have a special promotion going on today until August 31st! It's called a "Drive for Five" campaign! The way it works is EZPZ! Simply be one of the first five people to join my team and I will offer you an additional Pink Zebra consultant discount! What's not to love about that?!?

Drive For Five: Pink Zebra Consultant Discount

As a Pink Zebra consultant, getting the experience to communicate and meet people has been one of the best opportunities ever imaginable thanks to Pink Zebra.  My life would not be the same without it. Everyday I ask myself how I can be of service to others. Teaching used to be my calling when we weren't moving so frequently.

Pumpkin Amber: Pink Zebra Fragrance of the Month

Love the smell of fall and pumpkins? Then you should try the Pink Zebra fragrance of the month, Pumpkin Amber! It's a tad milder than the Pumpkin Bread sprinkles we offer, but still just as delicious without the calories! Each month Pink Zebra introduces a new jar of Sprinkles called Paisley's Pick.

Pink Zebra Fall Catalog Products

The new Pink Zebra fall catalog is full of new and exciting products just in time for the upcoming holidays! The Tranquility shade, featured here, is one of the new shades available for purchase in this season's catalog! I personally have this shade sitting in my living room and it adds a peaceful and harmonic touch to my home decor!

Pink Zebra Host Special for August and September

Doesn't this adorable Pink Zebra host special want you to sing, "Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo" from Cinderella? Yes, got me tongue tied trying to sing that and type it at the same time!

Become a Pink Zebra Consultant in August

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