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Pink Zebra Opportunity

Have you ever thought about your journey, goals, and ambitions in life? Do you wish you had extra income, friendships, and a job that allowed you the flexibility and ease of creating your own schedule? Well, Pink Zebra has changed the lives of many consultants and this could be your opportunity to join us!

Join Pink Zebra in Canada!

Be one of the first Pink Zebra consultants in Canada! That's right, we are launching on October 7th and I would be honored to have you be a part of my team! As one of the top leaders in the company, our team has an outstanding track record of sales, recruiting, mentoring, and helping you reach your goals.

Guess what day it is? National Margarita Day! If you want to celebrate AND smell the delicious scent of fresh margaritas, well Pink Zebra has something for you! Here is a recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Pink Zebra Margarita Recipe

Pink Zebra Direct Selling News Magazine

Did you hear? Pink Zebra was featured in the Direct Selling News Magazine! Learn more from our founders, Tom and Kelly Gaines, as they share their accomplishments and goals with the company!

Pink Zebra Celebrates 5 Years!

This September, Pink Zebra will be celebrating as a direct sales company of 5 years! I cannot believe how fast we have grown and progressed! As a consultant and Director, I have been with Pink Zebra since February 2013. So approximately 3 1/2 years. My only regret was I wish I had joined Pink Zebra earlier!

Pink Zebra has provided so many possibilities and opportunities for their consultants! Seeing how the lives of others are changed by selling home fragrances is why I am proud to be a consultant for Pink Zebra. Having no success in Direct Sales prior to Pink Zebra, I had to focus on how I saw other people in different companies succeed. What was their secret to success?

Pink Zebra Director, Erin Hughes

November was such a HUGE month for my Pink Zebra team and myself! We had numerous promotions to leadership and I promoted the last day to Director! It was so bittersweet for me because I felt that my long-term goal was finally accomplished! To me, it wasn't about the recognition or awards, but rather a full-time income for my family!

Fall in Love with Pink Zebra

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own direct sales business and becoming successful at it? At first, I was very skeptical that a direct sales company like this existed. Not having the same experience with the last direct sales company I joined, it was very hard to believe or think otherwise. When I discovered Pink Zebra, I felt as if a fire had been ignited in my soul.

Soy Candles

So you have heard of Pink Zebra Sprinkles! Did you know that you can create custom soy candles? It's true!!! Our wax is made from a Soft Soy combination that is a family kept secret! We don't want competitors finding out why our soy wax smells the best now do we? I will share though my knowledge on our soy wax and how you can either use the Sprinkles for your own candle or in a warmer!

Pink Zebra Consultant Kits

Are you looking to start a new job or want extra income doing something fun? Why not try Pink Zebra then? If you LOVE home fragrances and truly desire something different from other competitor brands and companies, we have room for you to join us! I can honestly say this was the best and most fulfilling opportunity I have had next to teaching!

If you considering joining a Direct Sales company and are passionate about home fragrances, candles, and helping enlighten your senses then Pink Zebra may be right for you! We just reached an exciting landmark of 25,000 consultants in less than 4 years!!!

Pink Zebra Hostess Exclusive June-July

If you're considering hosting a Pink Zebra party at your home, online, or via catalog then now is the time! Our featured exclusive hostess bundle comes with a shade called Pretty Petals! Just look at how GORGEOUS this shade is and could be in your home. It has porcelain violets strung across the white ivory shade. It's simple, elegant, and sophisticated!

Join Pink Zebra in May

If you're thinking about joining Pink Zebra in May, you better hurry because we have an AWESOME special going on currently through May 11th! If you enroll between now and the 11th, you'll get a FREE Bobbi Schandra designer purse valued at $175.00! It's a very beautiful and stylish purse that will definitely catch the eyes of your clients and customers!

Join Pink Zebra

Ready to join Pink Zebra? I want to personally congratulate you on your decision and hope that I can help you get started with your new and exciting adventure with Direct Sales! As a Pink Zebra consultant, my responsibility is to ensure as your sponsor that I can help you achieve your goals through team trainings, inspiration, and incentives!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Looking for Valentines Day gift ideas? Stop worrying about what to get your loved ones, co-workers, and kids' teachers this year! Instead, show them you care with Pink Zebra!

Plus, who can resist chocolate covered cherries? Our Sprinkles normally do not come mixed, so this is a LIMITED EDITION and it comes free with your purchase of the Red Mercury Glass Simmering Light!